Who I help

I have spent the past 25 years helping a wide range of businesses from local government to large corporations through to not-for-profits and small business owners in New Zealand.

After selling my accounting firm in 2021, I am focusing my time on my true passion of problem-solving and using systems thinking for business owners to enable them to grow the business they dreamed of.

Here are some of the sectors and challenges I have helped others with:

Local Government

Increasing asset profitability is a huge challenge for local government, but working with me allows you to identify potential opportunities that were previously missed. Doing this with the right tools and frameworks can allow you to use your resources cost-efficiently and in a way that makes the most positive impact on the people you serve.

Portfolio Highlight:

I helped a local council get a better return on investment on two leisure complexes to allow more money to be channelled back into the local community.

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Larger Corporates

Acting as a consultant and mentor to key figures within large corporates in New Zealand, I have played a vital role in helping them to grow business value by; prioritising problems to resolve, identifying bottlenecks, and using the Theory of Constraints (TOC) thinking tools to change the mindset of executives and make impactful change.

Portfolio Highlight:

By identifying and solving bottlenecks using a systemised scaling approach, I helped a large organisation grow their business value from $110M to $165M over only a few course sessions.

If you want to fix bottlenecks and start with systemised scaling in your large corporate, get in touch and book in a call with myself below:


Unstable cash flow within non-profits are common, but they don’t have to be. Work towards implementing a system that gives you 6-month forward radar to forecast what’s coming in your non-profit. This creates a smooth cash flow, and makes finance subcommittee meetings boring in the best way!

Portfolio Highlight:

I helped a Conservation Site of International Importance (the biggest mainland predator-free island in New Zeal) to ensure survivability and sustainability on a business front. By setting a cash flow management system they were able to get complete visibility to future proof for generations.

If you want to stabilise cash flow and solve other bottlenecks in your not-for-profit, book in for a chat with me:

New Zealand Businesses

Many businesses try to resolve issues by simply throwing money at it, but this leads to ineffective spending, and still being left with the problems in the first place. As an experienced mentor and business director, I can help you move the needle and make the changes you need. Whether you’re trying to figure out your next step, or just need a sounding board, I am perfect for bouncing ideas off of.

Portfolio Highlight:

I used scalable systems to help an entrepreneur who was turning a $500K profit in his business to be able to sell 60% of his business for $25M.

If you’ve found yourself spending a lot of money in your business but nothing’s changing, I can help.

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What Others Say About Me

Clarke Ching, “The Bottleneck Guy,” Author and Business Consultant

“Graham has a quiet and very, very clever way of helping other people solve gnarly problems. A lot of people can solve problems, a few people can solve gnarly problems, but very few people can help others solve them.”

Marcus Wilson, CEO - Surgical Partners

"Graham is the kind of teacher that we need more of. He takes the time to listen; to understand; and to guide you to challenge your assumptions and your approach. He is clear and logical in how he helps people to think; and to find their own breakthrough to business success. I hope to have more time with him."

Mirta Fagundes, Director - Viago International

“We have worked with Graham in many different capacities for over a decade. Graham has a natural ability to handle any situation with calm. He is a deep thinker with a passion for problem solving, which has helped many of our clients resolve persistent, deep-rooted issues.”