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Agile Uprising Podcast

I teamed up with the Agile Uprising podcast to dig into Throughput Accounting…is it really accounting? How does this help us make better decisions? And if it’s so great, why do we still use cost accounting to make decisions? We also talk about my research around using Theory of Constraints to assist in budgeting inside of enterprises.

The ToC Show - Not Your Grandparents' Thinking Processes

On this episode of The ToC Show, I take viewers on a very fast tour of the modern ToC Thinking Processes – including the Flying Logic Software and James Powell’s Druid Process.

Corkscrew Thinking Webinar

What Others Say About Me

Clarke Ching, “The Bottleneck Guy,” Author and Business Consultant

“Graham has a quiet and very, very clever way of helping other people solve gnarly problems. A lot of people can solve problems, a few people can solve gnarly problems, but very few people can help others solve them.”

Marcus Wilson, CEO - Surgical Partners

"Graham is the kind of teacher that we need more of. He takes the time to listen; to understand; and to guide you to challenge your assumptions and your approach. He is clear and logical in how he helps people to think; and to find their own breakthrough to business success. I hope to have more time with him."

Mirta Fagundes, Director - Viago International

“We have worked with Graham in many different capacities for over a decade. Graham has a natural ability to handle any situation with calm. He is a deep thinker with a passion for problem solving, which has helped many of our clients resolve persistent, deep-rooted issues.”