About me

Husband, Father, Gnarly Problem Solver

“OK, But Who Is This Guy Anyway?”

This is usually the place for a third-person authority-building bio. But to get to where you are today, you’ve probably read more than your fair share of resumés and reports trying to impress you. So why don’t I just tell you my story.

I’m from New Zealand, born and raised. It took an agriculture degree to make me fall in love with numbers. And it took shearing sheep in the summers to pay for that subsequent accounting degree.

Rather than constrain me to the four walls of an office, my profession as an accountant took me to Atlanta, Ga., and the United Kingdom—though somehow, I still ended up shearing sheep and milking cows somewhere along the way.

In 1996 I set up my own accounting practice back in New Zealand. I’ve always told my clients, If you can’t leave your business to run itself, it’s just a job. So, in 2009 I took my own advice. I decided it was time to spread my wings again and get back out into the world.

In the nine wonderful months that I took off along with my wife and two boys, we travelled to multiple continents and countries. The only reason I was able to take all that time off confidently was that I had implemented a factory-style “drum-buffer-rope” work system into my accounting practice. This solution comes from the Theory of Constraints suite of tools—which you’re more than welcome to ask me about.

Theory of Constraints and other systems-thinking tools are a big part of my client coaching and the book of case studies I’ve been working on since selling my 25-year accounting firm. Whether it’s corporate budgeting, project management or any other complex business matter, people have come to know me as a master solver of gnarly problems.

While I’m passionate about complex organisational issues, it’s my life outside of work that keeps me grounded. An active lifestyle keeps me sharp and energised, and being involved in my community brings me meaning and purpose. I formerly served as trustee for our local council and currently serve as treasurer of the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust.

Whether you want to just shoot the breeze or pursue bold changes in your organisation, you’re always welcome to connect with me.

What Others Say About Me

Clarke Ching, “The Bottleneck Guy,” Author and Business Consultant

“Graham has a quiet and very, very clever way of helping other people solve gnarly problems. A lot of people can solve problems, a few people can solve gnarly problems, but very few people can help others solve them.”

Marcus Wilson, CEO - Surgical Partners

"Graham is the kind of teacher that we need more of. He takes the time to listen; to understand; and to guide you to challenge your assumptions and your approach. He is clear and logical in how he helps people to think; and to find their own breakthrough to business success. I hope to have more time with him."

Mirta Fagundes, Director - Viago International

“We have worked with Graham in many different capacities for over a decade. Graham has a natural ability to handle any situation with calm. He is a deep thinker with a passion for problem solving, which has helped many of our clients resolve persistent, deep-rooted issues.”